2015 Kia Optima - Luxury and Performance for Winners

Every new ad run by Kia that features a pro basketball player, usually Blake Griffin or LeBron James, tends to be one of the best to be seen. Hilarious and endearing, they have been the product of a great partnership between the NBA and Kia. The newest ad, features Blake Griffin as a Roman general leading his troops into battle against a barbarian horde, while riding atop a Kia Optima.

Of course, historical accuracy is nothing to Griffin, who is merely there to win, and the Optima is the ride that gives him the best chance to do so. And how could it not? With an aggressive style and high performance engine, the Optima is ready to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Check out the new ad below.

The interior of the Optima is worthy of a highlight as well, featuring available ventilated seats, and an abundance of technological amenities, the Optima presents a luxurious and entertaining experience both inside and out.

To experience it for yourself, come and see us at Dyer Kia in Evans, GA. We'll show you through our wide selection of new Kia models and make sure you have no trouble finding the perfect new Kia model for years of automotive satisfaction.

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