For a Car that Acts as Young as You Do: the Kia Sportage

Ooh, baby, sometimes the days just go flying by! With the year of 2014 on its way out, you are, somehow, yet another year older. Whether you act your age or not, get into a vehicle that likes fun as much as you do. The 2015 Kia Sportage is the perfect gift to yourself for feeling young again.

The drive is always a little more fun with some attitude behind the wheel, and whether you opt for the standard 182 hp or get the turbocharged 260 hp engine, you will enjoy showing off what this powerfully styled beauty can do. And with the latest technology, you will even make the resident teenager envious of your gadgets.

Come in to Dyer Kia today and have childish fun taking a test drive around Evans, GA. This holiday season, act the age you want to, not how old others say you are.

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