Forte5 offers more in every direction

Your first car was great. But like everything else you outgrew over time over the course of your entire childhood, there comes a point when an old beater that is too small to fit you things just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now is the perfect time to grow up and get in to a larger car that has room for you and yours, while still providing a comfortable cabin with all the necessities and then some: like the Kia Forte5.

Even the critics have started to talk about the great qualities of the new Forte5. You get power to play around with, thanks to the available 201 hp turbocharged engine. There is room for people and gear within the 120 cubic feet of passenger and cargo space, and technology keeps you connected to your music and your apps with your compatible smartphone.

Come in to Dyer Kia and take the new Forte5 out for a test drive around Evans, GA today. We all outgrow some things, but that is when we get a new toy.

The Kia Sedona is Perfect for Travel

There’s certainly nothing wrong with being a homebody, but for those who love to travel, you’ll want a vehicle that can handle trips around the country and near the home. That’s where the remarkable new 2015 Kia Sedona comes into play for this family that loves to visit all kinds of landmarks, but are also content with a short hiking trip. Press play to check it out.

There are plenty of opportunities for family outings here near our Evans, GA Kia dealership, and taking the whole clan with you is what makes every trip special. And thanks to the highly spacious and tech-filled Sedona, you’ll get around on all your travels with ease and comfort, helping you enjoy your vacations even more.

See if the new Sedona will suit your travel needs by coming on over to Dyer Kia today for a test drive.

2015 Kia Optima – Luxury and Performance for Winners

Every new ad run by Kia that features a pro basketball player, usually Blake Griffin or LeBron James, tends to be one of the best to be seen. Hilarious and endearing, they have been the product of a great partnership between the NBA and Kia. The newest ad, features Blake Griffin as a Roman general leading his troops into battle against a barbarian horde, while riding atop a Kia Optima.

Of course, historical accuracy is nothing to Griffin, who is merely there to win, and the Optima is the ride that gives him the best chance to do so. And how could it not? With an aggressive style and high performance engine, the Optima is ready to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. Check out the new ad below.

The interior of the Optima is worthy of a highlight as well, featuring available ventilated seats, and an abundance of technological amenities, the Optima presents a luxurious and entertaining experience both inside and out.

To experience it for yourself, come and see us at Dyer Kia in Evans, GA. We’ll show you through our wide selection of new Kia models and make sure you have no trouble finding the perfect new Kia model for years of automotive satisfaction.

Kia gets a new Soul

There may be a new sibling to add to the Kia family lineup in the coming months. Though there are plenty of options within the current lineup for families and solo drivers to get into a vehicle that likes to have as much fun as they do around the city, there is a new kid on the block to take you further away from the pavement than you may have thought possible.

Strictly speaking, the Trail’ster is not another version of the popular Kia Soul, but it is based on the Soul platform, as you can clearly identify from the first glance. This concept was inspired with the intention to create a Kia that can go further, and increase the capabilities on the current Soul to include an electric all-wheel drive system.

Whether you are looking for more information on the Trail’ster or other new concepts coming from your favorite automaker, check back to the Dyer Kia blog often. When one of our current models catches your eye, come in to our Evans, GA dealership for a test drive.

Soar into the future in a Kia Optima

High-tech cockpit. Turbo engine capable of immense power. You might think we’re describing a new fighter jet but you would be incorrect. In fact, these attributes are also owned by the 2015 Kia Optima. Drawing a comparison to a fighter jet may seem surprising, but that’s what the Optima is all about, surprising you (for the better) at every possible turn.

The high-powered GDi turbo engine delivers exceptional power on top of a luxurious ride, offering ventilated seats for your comfort and a panoramic sunroof for an even more enjoyable experience. The highlight of the interior is undoubtedly the UVO Infotainment System, which can connect with your phone, call 9-1-1, and even schedule a service appointment with voice commands.

Check out the newest ad for the Optima, which is the source of the fighter jet comparison.

To learn more about the Kia Optima, come and see us at Dyer Kia in Evans, GA, where we’ll get you hands-on with any new Kia that catches your eye. Soon, you’ll be flying into the future in a new Kia. Over.

Buckle Up for a Fun New Kia Commercial

If we here at our Evans, GA dealership are excited about a new Kia commercial, it can pretty much mean only one thing: Blake Griffin is back with the new 2015 Kia Optima and as expected, he’s bringing the laughs. The NBA All-Star has been sharing the great news about the Optima for years, and now he’s returning in an Old West scene to show how the sedan is a perfect replacement for a horse. Press play to get started.

His justification for riding in the Optima instead of on a horse is the 274-horsepower engine that lets this lawman do his job a bit quicker. Also, he didn’t read the script. But in reality, you’ll love the sporty driving style from the Optima, and all the available technology you’ll find across the board when it comes to Kia.

Explore your options here at Dyer Kia by coming over today.

For a Car that Acts as Young as You Do: the Kia Sportage

Ooh, baby, sometimes the days just go flying by! With the year of 2014 on its way out, you are, somehow, yet another year older. Whether you act your age or not, get into a vehicle that likes fun as much as you do. The 2015 Kia Sportage is the perfect gift to yourself for feeling young again.

The drive is always a little more fun with some attitude behind the wheel, and whether you opt for the standard 182 hp or get the turbocharged 260 hp engine, you will enjoy showing off what this powerfully styled beauty can do. And with the latest technology, you will even make the resident teenager envious of your gadgets.

Come in to Dyer Kia today and have childish fun taking a test drive around Evans, GA. This holiday season, act the age you want to, not how old others say you are.